abdi Commercial Skills for Effective Commissioning programme is designed to equip both Commissioners and Service Providers with vital and up-to-date skills to deliver value and impact through better commissioning, using market analysis, co-operation, competition and contract negotiation with an understanding of provider economics.

The programme takes into account the reality of the changes in the structures and accountabilities for the funding and delivery of health and social care services and the new demands this places on everyone involved in designing, commissioning and accounting for the impact outcomes and value for money resulting from service commissioning. The programme consists of six modules and is designed to build strong “bridges” between commissioners and providers, ensuring that they speak the “same language” and have an in-depth knowledge of the supply market.

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The aim of the module is to develop an understanding of how to best manage contracts and relationships with providers with the use of contractual levers and incentives.

The overall objectives of the module are to enable you to:

  • understand and explore the various contract levers that are available
  • understand and explore the use of effective ‘gain sharing’ and other incentives for providers
  • feel confident in using incentives and levers to manage providers and share risk
  • gain useful insight from case studies from within and outside the NHSM
  • reflect and learn from the past to avoid the same mistakes
  • gain confidence to act differently with your own providers in your patch

The aim of the module is to develop an understanding of how and why to conduct a market analysis. The module focuses on how to conduct a market analysis and use this in practice to drive decision making and priorities for action.

The overall objectives of the module are to enable you to:

  • carry out a market analysis to enable you to do more, with less money, whilst improving clinical effectiveness and the patient experience
  • use market analysis to carry out effective decision making in an increasingly competitive environment using robust information and data sets
  • understand what we mean by a ‘market’ and ‘market levers’
  • understand demand and supply in markets for healthcare
  • understand how to use market levers including market stimulation to improve health outcomes
  • understand the value of competition and when it is and is not useful as a market lever

The overall objectives of the module are to enable you to:

  • Understand the full performance metrics cycle and it’s importance in the commissioning cycle
  • Understand how to set performance metrics to maximise:
    • VfM
    • Quality
    • Patient experience
    • Health outcomes
    • Strategic objectives
  • Build confidence in pushing the boundaries on how we measure performance
  • Experience and learn how to get the most out of work-based learning and reflective learning.

The objectives of the module are to enable you to:

  • understand how the rules for cooperation and competition impact on tender exercises
  • understand some of the options when designing tender processes
  • identify the internal and external resources required
  • secure commitment to internal resource and support
  • gain an understanding of how to effectively mobilise internal and external resources to deliver procurements
  • understand how to use some ‘off the shelf’ toolkits in doing planning
  • optimise available resource to efficiently deliver procurement projects
  • be aware of why things go wrong

The overall objectives of the module are to enable you to:

  • carry out a provider economics analysis in order to predict how providers will react to changes in demand (e.g. decommissioning, service growth, competition, service mix);
  • understand more clearly the economics of a particular provider or service in order to more easily drive quality without increasing cost;
  • develop an understanding of what is driving your provider and use this knowledge to refine your objectives;
  • learn how to build a picture that will allow you to confidently challenge existing provider arrangements and look at doing things differently;
  • Understand methods for incentivising sustained improvements in health services and value for money.

The overall objectives of the module are to enable you to:

  • Prepare a service specification taking into account the market analysis, the supplier topography and the economic and other drivers of the potential suppliers, and other perspectives of the potential providers
  • Write a service specification in accordance with NHS and Adult Social Care Outcomes frameworks, the service user requirements including patient experience expectations, quality and value for money, the organisation strategy, the planned performance metrics and the regulatory requirements
  • Present a service specification and select a supplier
  • Develop a monitoring plan to present and agree in the negotiation and contracting stages
  • Prepare and implement the above for services in the selected commissioning area

Further Information

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