Evaluation is now an expected part of all project management. Organisations of all types and sizes are under increasing pressure to evaluate their results and account for the money they invest in their people and projects and programme. The demand to be able to do this is rising rapidly, particularly for projects and programmes that:

  • Have a long life cycle
  • Are linked to key organisational goals and objectives
  • Are relatively expensive
  • Have high internal or external visibility
  • Address large target audiences.

The Professional Certificate in Human Capital Investment Planning provides an introduction to the framework, tools and disciplines required to plan for impact, and then to track it and report its achievement. It constructs a sound basis in evaluation planning and introduces Theory of Change, amongst other techniques. These are then addressed in more depth in the Professional Certificate in Evaluating Human Capital Investment. This moves into more detail in terms of theory and application. It adds data collection and analytics covers advanced sections of the approach, and relates all learning to each participant’s chosen project or programme.

Further details of our approach can be found on the Our Approach page.

How We Can Help

These programmes combine theory and practice to build competence and confidence in planning, measuring and reporting performance and impact outcomes as well as value for money. You can learn in group workshops or online with tutorials to help you develop your competence and reflect your experience as you put your learning into practice and with a work-based assignment, demonstrate immediate evidence of applied learning.

  • 3 day workshop supported by abdi coaching
  • Also available as an online taught course on a small group and one to one basis
  • Assessed on the basis of a completed suite of planning templates for the impact measurement of an appropriate project, programme or activity of the candidate’s choice.

  • 3 -4 day workshop supported by abdi coaching
  • Also available as an online taught course on a small group and one to one basis
  • Assessed on the basis of enhanced and deepened measurement plans, implementation plans, descriptions of the context of the project or programme to be evaluated, and of the application in context of the evaluation approach.

Supported by abdi coaching on a one to one basis

  • Assessed as a peer-reviewed report on the completed evaluation of an approved project, programme or activity

  • abdi provides consulting services in implementing a higher level of practice in impact outcome and performance improvement and measurement, supporting clients with methodology, tools, templates, guidance and decision support.

Further Information

For further information on the UK’s only accredited ladder of professional qualifications, or on how we could help either you embed best practice within your organisation, get in touch with us here or via info@abdi.eu.com.