abdi provides the UK’s leading accredited professional and academic qualifications in impact evaluation.


These qualifications give recognition for all those that have adopted and implemented abdi’s recommended approach to planning, monitoring and evaluating impact outcomes and value for money (ROI).

It is a logical, rigorous approach built on worldwide experience of the application of the most respected and widely-used logic models. Some of these logic models include:

  • Theory of Change
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Modelling
  • Benefits realisation
  • Kirkpatrick model of evaluation
  • Phillips ROI model
  • Change management

We focus powerfully on the competence and performance of key individuals and stakeholders offering a robust and credible route to attributing credit for improvement (contribution analysis). Where appropriate, the approach includes calculating monetary (economic) value to compare against costs so as to report BCR and/or ROI.

It is constantly reinforced and developed through:

  • Study of relevant theories, including theory of change, behavioural economics, systems analysis
  • Experience from hundreds of real world case studies from our clients’ projects
  • Analysis of worldwide good practice in impact measurement

The approach builds a chain of impact to show if and how results are achieved

This ensures that data is collected and analysed at each level. This confirms buy-in, knowledge, skills and commitment and the application of process – all leading to the completion of  essential tasks and ultimately to planned results.

This links results with the investment made to achieve them.


Data is collected, analysed and reported in ways that assure credibility

  • Consistency – a strong framework, process model and a set of rules
  • Fairness – an emphasis on identification and involvement of all stakeholders
  • Robustness – a rigorous process of attribution and a principle of conservative reporting

abdi support addresses the needs of a growing worldwide network of practitioner alumni

We provide:

  • Case studies
  • Planning tools
  • Data collection and analysis tools
  • Access to an online portal with resources
  • Regular CPD via Webex