Below is a list of our partners


Pearson and abdi ltd


Our accreditation partner for our ladder of professional certificates since 2008. These qualifications are now part of the National Qualifications Framework. They are rated from QCF Level  5 to QCF Level  7. Pearson accredit what we teach, and provide verification for the quality and consistency of our assessments of the submissions from our candidates. 

abdi and University of Derby

University of Derby Corporate

Accreditation partner for our 60-Credit Postgraduate Certificate: validates our teaching and learning standards. .  Our tutors are confirmed as of university standard.  Our students are registered with the University and benefit from access to the University Library and other student facilities. abdi teaches the course and assesses the students’  work. This is then formally validated by the University prior to the formal award of credits. 

Napier University and abdi ltd

Napier University

Our accreditation partner in Scotland. Our partnership with Napier ensures that grades assessed against the English framework are tracked and matched against Scottish qualifications (SCQF):  at SCQF 9 for the Certificate in Human Capital Investment Planning (QCF5), at SCQF 6; at SCQF 10 for the Certificate in Evaluating Human Capital Investment (QCF 6); at SCQF 11 for the Advanced Certificate in Return on Investment in Human Capital (QCF 7).

IAL Singapore and abdi ltd

Singapore Institute of Adult Learning (IAL)

IAL is an agency created by the Singapore government, alongside its Workforce Development Agency, to ensure world standard skill levels.  abdi’s courses have been chosen as the leading approach to impact planning and measurement.  They are branded in Singapore as TAIM (Training Analysis and Impact Measurement)